Lord Voldemort Costume

Rochelle October 17, 2017 @ 10:04PM
From his bald head, wand, and robe to his Dark Mark tattoo and pet snake, here are all the items you need for a Lord Voldemort costume!

If you want to dress up in a Lord Voldemort costume then you've come to the right place! Putting together a Lord Voldemort outfit (or, as some people spell it, Lord Voldimort) is fairly easy because there are not a lot of items needed to transform yourself into the most evil wizard who ever lived.

He started out as the handsome and charismatic (to some, if not Professor Dumbledore or Professor Slughorn) Tom Riddle. But he wasn't looking to make friends during his years at Hogwarts.

Instead, he wanted power. Lots of it. Voldemort gathered followers he called Death Eaters and together they attempted to take over the wizarding world, and eventually the Muggle world, too. Fortunately, a boy named Harry Potter was born who was able to put a stop to Voldemort's reign of terror.

​Voldemort went through a lot of changes during the entire Harry Potter series but the look that is most recognizable as Voldemort was how he looked after his rebirth in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There is an official robe and mask that you can wear, as well as his wand.

If you really want to take your costume to the next level then you will love the additional accessories that I have gathered together. I have thought of every possible item that you can wear to make your Voldemort outfit as authentic as possible.​

Mandatory Accessories


The wand that Tom Riddle got from Garrick Ollivander does not look like this wand. It looked like just about any other wand. In other words, it looked ordinary. Anyone who knows anything at all about Tom Riddle knows that Tom did not fancy himself ordinary, which is why he changed from the common name of Tom to Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort reclaimed his wand after he returned to human form at the end of the Triwizard Tournament. Apparently Voldemort was not satisfied with a common looking wand. After transforming himself, he also transformed his wand into one that looked like a human bone. Voldemort's wand was as fittingly horrific as he himself had become.

Lord Voldemort Wand
Voldemort’s Wand

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Lord Voldemort Costume


There is an officially licensed robe available in both child and adult sizes. The robe is somewhat similar to the other Harry Potter costume robes in that it is black, but it is also distinctly Voldemort's.

The sleeves flare out at the wrist, which gives the robe a nice, yet creepy, touch. Just like the robe seen in the movies, this robe comes together in the center and goes all the way up to the neck.

A mask is included with the robe, but the hands and wand seen in the picture are not. The reviews on the mask were mixed. Some people were perfectly happy with it, while others thought it could have been better. One person said that the cheeks flared out and had to be taped to his face.

People who have worn this robe say that it runs large, so be aware of that if you buy this.​

Replica of Lord Voldemort's outfit from the Harry Potter movies.

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Cosplay Robe

If you want a robe that is more authentic than the basic costume robe then you should look for a Cosplay robe. Cosplay costumes are more detailed and durable than mass produced costumes.

There are two types of Cosplay robes that I have seen for Lord Voldemort. One is turquoise in color, the other is black. The turquoise robe was an officially licensed replica of one of the robes seen in the movie. It is no longer being sold but you can sometimes find it on eBay.

The black robe that I've seen is tailor made just for you when you buy it. The black robe looks similar to the mass produced robe, but should last longer and fit better.

Cosplay robe for a Lord Voldemort costume
Voldemort Cosplay Robe

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Optional Accessories


The costume, seen above (not the Cosplay robe), comes with a mask. However, that mask is a partial face mask that only covers half of your face. It does not cover the lower portion of your face, scalp, or neck.

If you would like a more realistic mask that also covers your head and neck then this mask is for you. It has openings for your eyes and slits so you can breath through the nose, but otherwise completely covers your face.

The mask is the same pasty white color that Voldemort's face was in the movies. It makes your nose look like a snake's nose, which is how Voldemort was described in the books and looked in the movies.

The mask runs very large so you might need to stuff paper in the top to make it fit properly on your head. It also makes your head hot so this might be best for people in cold climates.

Lastly, the mask is made of latex, so people with latex allergies need to avoid it.

Lord Voldemort Mask

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Bald Wig Cap

If you don't like the thought of a hot mask or having to stuff paper in a mask to make it fit then consider a wig cap (sometimes called a bald cap). Wig caps are usually used to cover your hair so you can wear a wig, but it can also be used to make yourself look bald.

The secret to giving yourself a bald head with a wig cap is to make sure the cap sticks to your face and neck. You will need an adhesive that is meant for use on skin to do this. One of the most popular types of wig glues is called spirit gum and I've included a link below to help you find some.

I have also found a video that shows how you can apply a wig cap if you don't already know how to do this. The person in the video used a different type of adhesive but said that you can spirit gum instead of what he used. Some spirit gum is sold along with a remover so if you are unsure how to remove spirit gum you might want to consider a set that has both.

Bald wig cap for a Lord Voldemort costume

Video About How to Apply a Latex Wig Cap

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Face Paint

You might have noticed that Voldemort's face is not a healthy flesh tone. Instead, his skin looks pasty and white. You can replicate this look by using face paint. White, of course! 

I found a video that shows you how to apply Voldemort's face makeup and it is very helpful in achieving the Dark Lord's look. The man in the video uses a lot more than just face paint. I'll leave it up to you as to whether or not you want to go all out, like the person in the video, or go simple.

You could argue that the most challenging aspect of Voldemort's face to replicate is his nose. The video does a nice job of tackling this challenge. Again, it's up to you if you want to be as authentic as possible.

Lord Voldemort Face Paint
White Face Paint

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Video About How to Apply Voldemort's Face Makeup

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The costume robe includes a pair of hands, but the Cosplay robes do not. If you want your hands to look like Voldemort's and your costume does not include hands then you can buy a pair of hands.

These are officially licensed but they are no longer being made. This means it can be hard to find them. There might be a pair or two on Amazon, but my guess is that you will have better luck finding them on eBay.

They run large and are meant for adult hands, not children's. Some people might find it a bit awkward wearing these hands, so consider if these will bother your or not before you buy a pair.

Lastly, they are made of latex, so people with latex allergies need to avoid them.

Lord Voldemort Hands
Voldemort’s Hands

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Fake Nails

Want the look of Voldemort's hands without the bother of wearing rubber gloves? Then use fake nails!

Voldemort's fingernails in the final couple of movies were long and black. They were also a bit pointed, as you can see from the rubber hands above.

Not a lot of men keep their nails long so wearing fake fingernails might take some getting used to. Be careful that you don't accidentally scratch your face as you wear them.

The good news is that it is most fake nails already have glue on them so putting them on is super easy. If you've ever heard of press-on nails then you can probably figure out that you just press them on top of your real fingernails.

Lord Voldemort Fake Fingernails
Fake Fingernails

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The fourth story introduced us to Nagini, a very large snake that was, for lack of a better term, Voldemort's pet. Despite what Bellatrix might have thought, Voldemort was not capable of loving another human. Having said that, he seemed to care about Nagini, but that might have been because she was one of his many Horcruxes.

When we first saw Nagini she was free to come and go as she liked. Voldemort was able to communicate with her in her native tongue, Parseltongue, because he was a Parselmouth thanks to his lineage to Salazar Slytherin who also had the unusual ability to talk to snakes. It is possible that the Horcrux in Nagini allowed Voldemort to communicate with her over long distances.

Towards the end of the final story, after Voldemort realized that Harry Potter was destroying Horcruxes, he chose to keep Nagini close to him. I recommend that you get a snake that is at least 40 inches long so that you can protectively wrap her around your shoulders.

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Death Eater Tattoo

The Death Eater who were closest to Voldemort were branded with a Dark Mark tattoo, which was Voldemort's symbol. The tattoo served two purposes. First, it was a way of identifying Voldemort's inner circle of followers. Second, it was used by Voldemort to summon his supporters to him. He would touch his own arm and the Dark Mark would burn, indicating that they were to Apparate to him right away.

I honestly do not now if Voldemort also had a tattoo since author J.K. Rowling didn't say one way or another. Since it is possible that Voldemort also had a Dark Mark tattoo it would make sense if you add one to your costume.

Death Eaters who were close enough to Voldemort to be branded had the tattoo on their inner left forearms, so this is where you should place your tattoo.

Dark Mark temporary tattoo for a Death Eater or Severus Snape costume.

Dark Mark Temporary Tattoo
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Tom Riddle's Diary

When Tom was a student at Hogwarts he opened the Chamber of Secrets and unleashed the beast within, a Basilisk that he was able to control. Tom was the last heir of Slytherin and he worked to cleanse the school of Muggle born students, something Slytherin believed was best for the school.

The only reason Tom closed the Chamber after Moaning Myrtle was killed was because Headmaster Dippet said he was going to close the school if any more students were killed. Tom loathed the orphanage that he came from and did not want to leave Hogwarts.

Tom closed the Chamber but he magically put a memory of himself inside the diary so that he could reopen it some day in the future and continue his work. He also made the diary into a Horcrux - his first - when he killed Myrtle, so it was something he treasured. If you want to have fun with your costume then you can hide the diary inside one of your robe's pockets.

Tom Riddle's Diary

Tom Riddle's Diary
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Horcrux Ring

The Horcrux ring was the second Horcrux that Tom Riddle created. He took the ring from his uncle Morfin after he framed Morfin for the murder of his father, Tom Riddle Sr., and his grandparents. Tom had no idea that the stone in the ring was one of the three Deathly Hallows, nor would he have cared about that if he knew.

Tom wanted the ring for one reason - it was an heirloom passed down from generation to generation from Salazar Slytherin. Tom proudly wore the ring before he turned it into a Horcrux. Harry saw Tom wearing it when he watched a memory of Tom speaking with Professor Slughorn in Dumbledore's Pensieve.

Although Tom stopped wearing the ring after he turned it into a Horcrux I think it would make a great part of a Voldemort costume.

Horcrux Ring

Horcrux Resurrection Stone Ring
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Horcrux Locket

There is one more Horcrux that you can add to your costume, and it happens to be the third Horcrux that Tom Riddle created. Actually, Voldemort had gotten rid of his birth name by then and this was the first Horcrux that he created under the name Lord Voldemort.

The third Horcrux was another heirloom of Salazar Slytherins - his locket. This was the locket that Dumbledore and Harry searched for in the cave just before Dumbledore's death.

We don't know if Voldemort ever wore this locket but we do know that he was quite proud to be an heir of Slytherin. I think it is very possible that Voldemort wore this before he turned it into a Horcrux which is why I think it would go well with your outfit.

Salazar Slytherin Horcrux Locket

Salazar Slytherin's Horcrux Locket
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