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Welcome to For The Love of Harry!

Harry Potter Fan Website

Harry Potter...

That name is all you need to see to conjure up images of magic and wonder, friendship and love.

When author J.K. Rowling wrote her Harry Potter books she created a world of wizards, witches, and Muggles that ended up captivating an entire world and continues to do so. The funny thing is, for as big a fan as I am today of these stories, I was slow to see the magic but once I did I was forever hooked.

I made this site as a tribute to Rowling's wonderous world. Over time I will add character costume ideas, collectibles, news and events, decorating ideas, tattoos, explain some of the events in the movies that don't make sense unless you read the books before seeing the films, and anything else relating to the Harry Potter Universe. To sum it up, this site is a hub for all things Harry Potter.

I was thinking the other day about my love of the Boy Who Lived and I wondered how long I would continue love these stories and movies. The answer I soon realized is, “Always.”

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