Harry Potter Coloring Book #1

Rochelle October 17, 2017 @ 3:32PM
Harry Potter Coloring Book

Adults have discovered the joy and relaxation that comes from coloring and a new type of book has been seen all over book stores lately - adult coloring books. It should come as no surprise that there is now a Harry Potter coloring book!

Actually, there are now several, but this is the first in the collection. It was published by Scholastic in late 2015 and is loaded with over 50 designs. Some are on a single page, while others take up both pages.

This particular book is a collection of many different aspects of the movies and books. The later coloring books focus on a specific topic (i.e. magical places or artifacts) but in this one you will see everything from Harry reaching for his Hogwarts letter, Ron Weasley trying on the Sorting Hat, and Hermione Granger making Polyjuice Potion to Lovegood's dirigible plum tree, the four Hogwarts House crests, and the Dark Mark. In other words, the book covers a lot of items and places, and it is sure to be loved by Potterheads who can't get enough of Harry's wizarding world.

There are five different artists who made the art, including MinaLima, the team that was responsible for the graphic art for all eight movies. Their work will be the most easily identifiable because you've already seen some of their designs in the films. The pages that MinaLima contributed to the book include the Quidditch World Cup poster, Weasley Wizard Wheezes graphics, and The Quibbler graphics.

The back of the book has full color images. The images are the actual pictures that the coloring pages are based on. Some are pictures from the films while others are drawings, but they will help you if you are unsure how to color a picture.

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Prevent Bleeding Onto The Back Of A Page...

As I researched the Harry Potter coloring books I came across someone who experimented with various pens and pencils to find out which ones bled through to the back of a page (where there is another image to be colored), and which did not. Here are the results of that testing:

Safe To Use (no ink bleeding)
India ink pens
color pencils

Avoid (causes ink bleeding)
Alcohol based markers
Water based markers
Gel pens

Here is a sample of the art that you will find inside this book:

Example of the art found inside the Harry Potter Coloring Book

I made a video of me as I unboxed this coloring book and looked through it for the first time.

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