LEGO® Set 4753 – Sirius Black’s Escape

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LEGO® Set 4753 – Sirius Black's Escape

Harry Potter was shocked to learn that Sirius Black was innocent, that it was actually Peter Pettigrew who killed the 12 Muggles that Sirius was imprisoned in Azkaban for. Harry's shock turned to joy when Sirius invited Harry to live with him.

His joy was short-lived, however, when Peter escaped. Everyone believed Peter was dead, killed by Sirius, so without Peter there was no way to prove Sirius's innocence. Sirius was captured and would soon have his soul sucked from him by Dementors. All seemed lost until Harry and Hermione Granger went back in time to save both Buckbeak and Sirius.

This playset depicts the moment when Harry arrived with Buckbeak at the tower where Sirius was being kept until he could be transferred back to Azkaban. Thanks to Harry and Hermione, Sirius and Buckbeak were able to run away with their lives. They might have to live as fugitives, but at least they would be safe and alive.

Like so many of the Hogwarts castle sets, the tower in this set can be opened or closed on hinges. It looks almost identical to the tower seen in the third movie, except that the door in this set is wooden and the one in the movie was a barred prison door.

The Sirius minifig is a rare one. It was only available in two sets: this one and the Shrieking Shack. Buckbeak is also a rare minifig, available in this set and Draco's Encounter with Buckbeak.

Set 4753 - Sirius Black's Escape

LEGO® Set 4753 – Sirius Black's Escape

Year Released: YEAR
Set Number: 4753-1
Name of Set: Sirius Black's Escape
Book Set is Based On: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Number of Parts: 174
Minifigures: 3 - Harry Potter, Sirius Black, and a Dementor
Creatures: 6 - Buckbeak, rat, and 6 birds
Minimum Recommended Age to Build This Set: 7 years old

Sirius Black’s Escape

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LEGO® Set 4753 – Sirius Black's Escape
LEGO® Set 4753 – Sirius Black's Escape
LEGO® Set 4753 – Sirius Black's Escape
LEGO® Set 4753 – Sirius Black's Escape
LEGO® Set 4753 – Sirius Black's Escape
LEGO® Set 4753 – Sirius Black's Escape

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This LEGO® set contains small pieces that could be a choke hazard and is not meant for children age three and younger. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

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