Wand Harry Potter Chopsticks

Rochelle January 8, 2016 @ 9:01AM

I wrote a post about bamboo Harry Potter chopsticks but it turns out those aren't the only ones, and these are even more amazing than the wooden ones. What you see here are wand Harry Potter chopsticks!

Picture this: You enter a restaurant, most likely one that serves Asian food, and are offered disposable chopsticks. You politely return them to your server, then pull out your own pair made in the likeness of wands. You proceed to eat your meal with your magical wands. If you are like me, you enjoy talking about your love of The Boy Who Lived, and doing what I just described is sure to be a conversation starter.

There are two styles available as of this writing - replicas of Ron's and Hermione's wands. They are made of plastic and can be used to eat any type of food you can pick up with the sticks. When you are done with dinner you can pass one to a friend and have a duel over who gets the dessert!

Harry Potter Chopsticks

Wand Harry Potter Chopsticks
Harry Potter Wand Chopsticks

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