Wooden Harry Potter Chopsticks

Rochelle January 8, 2016 @ 9:01AM

These wooden Harry Potter chopsticks are easily one of the most interesting things I've ever seen! They are made of bamboo, are the length of regular chopsticks, and come in four colors. Can you guess what they are? Yes, the four colors of the Hogwarts Houses.

Each one of the four Harry Potter chopsticks has a band of color that matches the four Houses, as well as that House's crest - Gryffindor is red with a lion, Ravenclaw is blue with a raven, Hufflepuff is yellow with a badger, and Slytherin is green with a snake.

Harry Potter Chopsticks

Gryffindor Harry Potter Chopsticks
Ravenclaw Harry Potter Chopsticks
Hufflepuff Harry Potter Chopsticks
Slytherin Harry Potter Chopsticks
Gryffindor Harry Potter Chopsticks

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