The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits 2013 Magazine

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The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine, published by Interweave Press and edited by Amy Clarke Moore in 2013, contains 31 patterns inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies. If you know how to knit and you want to add a touch of magic to your wardrobe, then you will love the designs found inside this magazine!

You will find patterns for men and women, as well as many others that can be worn by people of any age or gender, such as scarves, socks, and hats. As I read through reviews of this book I saw that many people agreed that the designs are meant for people with medium to expert knitting experience.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine

I Want This - Help Me Find It

This is essentially the same collection of patterns that are available in the 2014 book titled Knitting Wizardry. The patterns in both are the same (though this publication is missing four that are in the other one), but the names have been changed to remove Harry Potter references. I don't know what happened to cause the name changes but I can't help but wonder if the magazine got in legal trouble for using Harry Potter characters and places in their pattern names.

I have listed the differences between the two books to help you decide which one is right for you. I.E. You might prefer the Harry Potter references or you might want larger sized charts if you find it difficult to look at smaller charts.

Unofficial Harry Potter Patterns

(The book on this page)

Knitting Wizardry

Harry Potter References





Kindle Book
Paperback Book

Full Page Pictures of Finished Projects



Chart Size

Half-page or quarter-page

Full-page or half-page

Number of Patterns



Pattern Names (by topic)

Care of Magical Creatures

Dumbledore's Warm Socks
Dumbledore's Smoking Hat
Forbidden Forest Scarf
Hagrid's Sweater
Herbology Sock
Juicy Fly (hair bow)
Pomona Mitts

Chilly Castle Socks
Thinking Cap
Enchanted Forest Scarf
Giant's Sweater
Gardener's Socks
(not included)
Rich Earth Mitts


Bluebell Flames
Ginny's Cardigan
Hermione's Time Turner Mitts
Mudblood Cardigan
O.W.L. Mittens
Sword of Gryffindor Mitts
Yule Ball Engageantes

Blue Moon Shawl
Owl Cardigan
Rendez-Vouz Mitts
(not included)
Spell-Casting Mitts
Midnight Mitts
Cotillion Arm Warmers

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Lestrange Cloak
Malfoy Manor Wrapper
Narcissa Socks
Order of the Phoenix Winged Vest
Severus Pullover
Tonk's Tog

Lacy Cloak
Lady of the House Wrapper
Petal Socks
Aviary Vest
Inky Pullover
Chameleon Wrapper

History of Magic

Dragon's Egg Socks
Heliopath Vest
Modern Stripes House Scarves
The Sorcerer's Sweater
Tracery Vest

Griffin Socks
Drop-Your-Guard Vest
(not included)
Sorcery Sweater
Tracery Vest


Albanian Forest Mitts
E.L.F. Cap
Fred and George Socks
Ignotus Peverell's Cloak
Mermaid's Song (shawl)
The Gray Lady's Cloak

(not included)
A Cap Full of Caps
Inverse Socks
Shimmering Cloak
Mermaid's Song
Ghostly Cloak

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