RIP Alan Rickman

Rochelle October 17, 2017 @ 2:01PM

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that actor Alan Rickman passed away today. I was so shocked when I heard about his death that I yelled "No!" at my radio. If only this was nothing more than an Internet hoax, but, sadly, it isn't.

There are some people who are timeless and it is easy to take for granted that they will always be around. Mr. Rickman was such a person. I've ready many things about Mr. Rickman, both today and long before he passed away. He was nothing like the cruel Hogwarts professor he played in all eight movies. Instead, he was incredibly kind and willing to do just about anything for his friends and family.

Mr. Rickman's ability to delivery his lines in a deadpan manner was brilliant and perfect for his role as Severus Snape. I have many favorite moments, and they include each time he smacked or pushed down the heads of Ron Weasley or Harry Potter. Please share your favorite Snape memories in the comments below.

There was, and always will be, one Professor Snape. Rest in peace, Mr. Rickman.

RIP Professor Severus Snape

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  1. Barry Skinner

    Rest in peace Mr. Rickman. We are truly saddened hearing you left our mortal world. You are in our hearts “always”

  2. Barry Skinner

    Rip Mr. Rickman. We all feel your loss and you have a place in our hearts “always”.

  3. mik

    RIP Severus Snape

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