Mural of Hagrid and Hedwig

Rochelle October 17, 2017 @ 3:21PM

This is a mural of Hagrid and Hedwig that someone painted on a wall in the interior of a house. I don't know specifically where this is in the house, but clearly it is in the home of a huge Harry Potter fan!

Imagine how excited a young boy or girl would be to have something like this painted on one wall of his bedroom. Not only do you see Hagrid riding on his magical flying motorcycle (given to him by none other than a young Sirius Black), but you also see Hedwig flying behind Hagrid.

I showed this to my daughter Lily, who is 12. She loved it and said that it would be "cool" to have this in her room. She then proceeded to ask if she
can paint it on her room's wall (the answer was no).

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