Harry Potter Christmas Stocking

Rochelle May 12, 2017 @ 1:37PM

After writing about Harry Potter stocking stuffers I realized that they would go great inside of a stocking! No, I don't mean socks (though Dobby would be happy if I did) - I mean a Harry Potter Christmas stocking.

There aren't a lot of Harry Potter stockings but the few that exist are really nice. Some are more ornate than others but all of them have one thing in common - they are all magical and must-haves for fans of the Boy Who Lived. They started being sold in 2000 and continue to be sold at Universal Studios during the holidays.

You might notice that the image of the characters on the early stockings bear little resemblance to the more recent stockings, which often use pictures of the actors from the movies. That's because the first stockings were sold in 2000 but the first of the eight movies wasn't released until 2001 so merchandise makers had to create characters based on the descriptions from the books.

Many of these stockings are now hard to find. My advice to you is, if you find the stocking you are looking for then buy it without waiting because it might not be there the next time you look for it. 
Have fun finding a stocking!

Harry Potter Stockings

Harry Potter Christmas Stocking

Above are a few examples of the stockings you might find when clicking the links below. Normally what I do on a post like this is show pictures for every item I can find but there were not very many officially licensed stocking made for the Harry Potter series. Because of this, the inventory for the Christmas stockings changes frequently on both Amazon and eBay.

You are likely to find stockings made by Kurt Adler, the Warner Bros. store, or other companies that were licensed to sell Harry Potter Christmas stockings on Amazon. You may also find custom homemade stockings on Etsy and possibly eBay.

Harry Potter Christmas Stocking

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