Hagrid’s Hut Playhouse

Rochelle October 17, 2017 @ 3:15PM

Imagine for a moment that you are a child - a child who has seen all the Harry Potter movies, and possibly even read all the books. You are a child who has fallen in love with the world of magic, witches, and wizards, and longs for an acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl, since J.K. Rowling's is loved equally by both.

Now imagine that your parents have room in your backyard for a playhouse and ask you what type of playhouse you want. You answer without hesitation, "Hagrid's hut!"

Sadly, there is no such playhouse that you can buy. If you are handy with tools you could make a backyard playhouse that resemble's the hut that
Hagrid lives in, which is exactly what you see here. Granted, this particular playhouse was made by professionals and auctioned off for charity, nor was it specifically meant to be Hagrid's hut, but it sure looks like it to me!

You could add any additional touches to make your version look even more authentic. I can easily see a pumpkin patch planted next to such a playhouse. Don't be surprised if a trio of kids by the names of
Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger hiding under a Cloak of Invisibility comes knocking on your playhouse's door asking for rock cakes!

Oh, and for anyone who wants to do something similar to this play hut, the stone that you see is not actual stone. It is a stone veneer.

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