The 2016 Harry Potter Hallmark Ornaments

Rochelle October 17, 2017 @ 1:55PM

July is always an exciting time for those of us who collect Harry Potter ornaments because that is the month when Hallmark releases their collection for the upcoming Christmas season, and this July was no exception. However, Hallmark surprised me by releasing not one but two ornaments!

Ollivanders Wand Shop

This is a very large ornament depicting Ollivanders Wand Shop. It initially looks like a rather dark building but it lights up inside when you insert a light from your tree into the bottom. There is also a window with a magnifying glass on the back that lets you take a look inside the shop to see a scene from the first movie - Harry's visit to get his wand, complete with Harry and Mr. Ollivander. Everything is incredibly detailed!​

Ollivander's Wand Shop is one of the Hallmark ornaments in 2016
Ollivanders Wand Shop Hallmark Ornament

I Want This - Help Me Find It

Ornament Collection

The second ornament is actually three! These are small replicas of the Golden Snitch, the Sorting Hat, and a snowy white owl that looks suspiciously like Hedwig delivering a Hogwarts letter. These might be small but they are very pretty. The owl is my favorite!

This collection is one of the Hallmark ornaments in 2016
Collection Of Three Harry Potter Hallmark Ornaments

I Want This - Help Me Find It

This is a video of me showing you what each ornament looks like, as well as a peek inside Ollivander's shop.

This is just the latest in a collection of ornaments that Hallmark has been releasing since 2000. Click here to see all the Harry Potter Hallmark ornaments.

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