My Cat Likes to Steal LEGO® Bricks!

Rochelle October 17, 2017 @ 2:35PM
Lily and LEGO® Bricks

I have spent the better part of the past few weeks posting all the Harry Potter LEGO® sets. Part of what I did was build some of the sets that I have to take pictures of them. I found out very quickly that I had to be careful not to leave any minifigures or bricks lying around or my cat Lily would steal them.

Last week I was able to catch Lily in action. What I do is take pictures of the sets in my bathroom because the lighting and space works well for this. I was in the process of taking pictures of the
Hogwarts set when I momentarily left to do something else. When I came back I found my cat on the tub looking to see which brick she wanted to take.

Instead of stopping Lily I decided to film her instead and below is the video I took of her. You might notice that it takes a little while for her to get the brick in her mouth. She has no teeth (and only one eye) and I suspect it was difficult for her to get a good grip on the brick without teeth to grasp it. But she was persistent and finally got it, as you can see!

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