Movie Room With Harry Potter Quotes

Rochelle October 17, 2017 @ 3:14PM

I am willing to bet that fans of the Harry Potter books have also seen and love the movies. Yes, I know, the books are better because there is soooooo much more information in the books that never made it to the movies *cough* Winky*cough*. That aside, if you were to create a movie room in your house that was dedicated to Harry and his friends, what would you do?

Someone else has already thought about this, and what you see below is the result. The room has been decorated with posters from the movies, and quotes from the books. I love this idea! Unfortunately, we don’t have a movie room, nor do we have any free wall space for adding quotes. If we find the space on our walls I’d love to add a quote or two just like you see here.

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