Harry Potter Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Rochelle October 18, 2017 @ 3:52PM
Harry Potter inspired ideas for decorating your graduation cap

I am in love with these Harry Potter graduation cap decoration ideas! My school days are long over but if I was going to graduate again then I'd show my love of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series in a heartbeat by decorating my academic cap.

There are loads of different ways that you can decorate your cap and I've collected as many as I can find here on this page to help inspire you.

It doesn't matter if you are an artsy person or not, there is something here for any skill level. If you want a more elaborate design than you are capable of creating on your own then consider commissioning someone you know to do the art for you. At the very least you can cut out letters or images from paper and glue them to your mortarboard.

It doesn't matter if you (or your child) is getting ready to graduation from Kindergarten, the 6th grade, high school, college, or any other academic level. Adding these designs or any other you come up with will show the world that you love the Boy Who Lived.

Accio Diploma!

Harry Potter inspired ideas for decorating your graduation cap

The first time I saw a Harry Potter themed graduation cap was at my daughter's college graduation, seen here. This young lady added "Accio Diploma" to her mortarboard, along with two lightening bolts. I didn't ask her how she did this but it looks like she cut out the letters and lightening from glittery gold paper and then glued them to the top of her cap.

A college graduation cap that is decorated with a wand, scroll, and says, "Accio Diploma 2017".

This is another version of the "Accio Diploma" cap idea. The cap was painted with a blueish glittery paint, then green paint was used to add "Accio Diploma." There is also a wand with a string coming out of it and leading to a rolled up diploma, magically bringing it to the graduate. Well done!

Because I Never Got My Hogwarts Letter!

This Harry Potter graduation cap says, "Because I never got my Hogwarts letter! Accio Diploma!"

Image used with permission by Kayla H.

This grad cap says, "Because I never got my Hogwarts letter! Accio Diploma!" It was designed by Kayla H. and she told me that she used a Cricut machine to design and cut the letters. Notice that the "I" is shaped like the lightening bolt shaped scar on Harry's head, which is perfect! Kayla downloaded a Harry Potter font for her Cricut machine and then cut this out onto a heat transfer vinyl. She then ironed the letters onto her cap and this is the amazing result.

Dark Mark Symbol

This graduation cap shows the year of graduation and the Dark Mark symbol from the Harry Potter series.

Image Source: Harry Potter Graduation Cap by CandleWax1900

Clearly, this was designed by a Slytherin! It shows the year of graduation and has a large Dark Mark on it. The numbers use the font commonly associated with the Harry Potter series. I'm not sure how this was done but I suspect it was carefully drawn onto the cap. I considered the possibility of an iron-on but don't think it is because the image is under the button in the middle of the cap.

I'd Rather Go To Hogwarts

This Harry Potter inspired graduation cap says, "I'd rather go to Hogwarts." Wouldn't we all!

Image Source: Graduation by Legitlindz

This academic cap simply says, "I'd rather go to Hogwarts." It might be simple but it's a powerful sentiment felt by just about all Harry Potter fans! It looks like this graduate painted the phrase with yellow and white paint.

I've Waited 12 Years For This!

This high school graduation cap is from a Harry Potter lover and says,

Image Source: My Graduation Cap Finished Product! by BrownSwissAndLove

Potterheads anywhere will recognize that this graduation cap was decorated by a Harry Potter fan. It says, "I've waited 12 years for this," which tells me it was most likely for a high school graduation. It also has the Deathly Hallows symbol, and Harry's glasses and scar. It looks like the words and glasses were carefully traced and colored, while the Deathly Hallows symbol and scar were done with glue and glitter.

It All Ends

This graduation cap is painted with a scene from Harry Potter - Students are approaching Hogwarts for the first time by boat.

Image Source: My Graduation Cap by Armadeo

This cap is gorgeous! It has a hand-painted scene from the first Harry Potter book, where first year students are approaching Hogwarts for the first time by boat. It says, "It all ends," which is the wording that was on the movie poster for the final film. It also has a Dark Mark glued to it (the white round image seen on the left) and the Deathly Hallows symbol on the top.

Mischief Managed

College graduation cap inspired by Harry Potter. It shows footprints and says,

Image Source: Berry College via Creative Commons (image cropped)

This graduation cap was inspired by the Marauders Map, which shows the locations of any person (even those disguised as animals) within Hogwarts. The footprints on this cap look like the footprints that represent people on the map. The map disappears when the user says, "Mischief Managed," which is the perfect saying for graduates! The button in the middle of the cap has been covered with (transfigured into?) a Golden Snitch. It looks like everything was painted  except for the Snitch, which was probably sticky-backed gold glitter foam or paper and foam wings.

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