Touching Tribute To Snape By 10-Year-Old

Rochelle October 17, 2017 @ 1:59PM

10-year-old Sadie told her mom that she wanted to make cookies shortly before her mom left for the gym. When Mom came home she found the cookies her daughter had made and a note to go with it. Mom was so proud of her daughter's creation that she shared it on Facebook, which is where I saw it. I was brought to tears by Sadie's note because it is a beautiful tribute to Severus Snape days after Alan Rickman passed through the veil.

According to Sadie's mom the cookies were made from leftover cookie dough that Sadie baked in ramekins. She also added a few special touches and then wrote a "key" so her mom understood the meaning behind the cookies. Here is a picture of the cookies and the key.

These cookies were made by a 10-year-old girl and show how well she understood Snape

​You probably don't need this but I have written Sadie's note below in case you are having trouble reading it.

goes great with milk

cookie dunkers & cookie key

crumble icing - Snape's heart shattered when Lily died
red: he was the half blood prince​
blue/green: he had to use avada kadavra
just a little icing: his trust for Dumbledore grew small


A big thank you to Sadie's mom for giving me permission to share this picture and story. It shows that Sadie clearly understands who Snape was.

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